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Thread: Backdoor in Cpanel for addon domain names

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    Backdoor in Cpanel for addon domain names

    I am finding index.php and other files in the webhosting server, when I login using FTP and File manager, However when the url is checked in the browser the files are not loading, the default index.php is being displayed.
    I was facing the problem with one webhosting company, now I am facing the same problem with another webhosting company.
    Does anyone know of any backdoor with Cpanel.
    For non cpanel webhosting the problem is not faced.

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    I do not think it is backdoor. I would contact hosting provider for assistance, they have full access to the server.
    Also i would try temporarily rename/remove files like: .htaccess php.ini and try to make sure there is no index.html/index.htm, also try to load site from within Incognito/Private browsing session (without cache).
    Make sure that you uploaded files into proper directory that is assigned to the addon domain and addon domain goes to proper hosting (http://intodns.com)

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    The webhosting companies are not giving a proper reply, despite opening a support ticket,it appears to be a cpanel problem for addon domains

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