360DigiTMG presented the most comprehensive Data Science Course in Hyderabad. The various stages of the data science life cycle are explored in the course of this data science certification course. This data science training begins in Hyderabad with an introduction to Probability and Probability Statistics, Python and R. Then, the student will visualize data preparation, data cleansing, exploratory data analysis, and data extraction ( supervised and uncensored). Understand the theory behind feature engineering, feature extraction, and feature selection. Participants will also learn the performance of (supervised) data mining using linear regression and predictive modeling using multiple linear regression techniques. The details of unauthorized data mining using aggregation, dimensional reduction, and matching rules are also covered in detail.

A dedicated module for machine learning algorithms that enables deep learning and black box neural networks and SVM technologies. All stages defined in the CRISP-DMM framework for the data science project are covered in depth and great clarity in this course. There is no doubt that this appears to be one of the best Data Science Training in Hyderabad due to direct exposure to the project at INNODATATICS. This provides a golden opportunity for students to apply different concept studies to a position in real time.