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Thread: What is HTTPS/SSL Update...?

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    What is HTTPS/SSL Update...?

    Hello Friends,

    What is HTTPS/SSL Update...?

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    The HTTPS/SSL update refers to the process of transferring websites from the non-secure ‘HTTP’ protocol to the secure ‘HTTPS’ protocol. This migration is performed by installing an SSL Certificate on a website server.

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    HTTPS/SSL update is a process for transferring the HTTP based website to HTTPS or else you can say to install SSL/TLS Certificate on a website.

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    There are three meaning of HTTPs/SSL update. Before going furthur let's see its full form:

    HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
    SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

    In term of search engine: It gives boost in the search enigne ranking as per this update. HTTPS as a ranking signal And you can also see https results in search engine ranking because they give most preference to https websites.

    In term of browser warning: Most browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox are giving warning as indicator 'non secure' for non secure website whcih are on http.

    In term of its own version: With the time, version of SSL/TLs is changing. TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the updated version of SSL.

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