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Thread: what is the difference between visit and session?

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    When visitors click on a particular page and land, it is known as a visit. While a session is based on the time constraint. A session is calculated as a user visits a web page or website within given period often (24 hrs.) and IP.
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    I may be wrong but login session can take very long time. Example you login site and let it remember your login. Thanks to cookie, you will stay logged-in even for many days. So the site will remember you.

    But session may also mean how long you are on the webpage, which seems to be the same like the "visit".

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    When a user clicks on a web page or website then it is called as Visit and A Session is a group of user interactions with your website that takes place within a given time frame.

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    A "session" and a "visit" are two different ways to categorize groups of interactions a visitor has on your website. ... New sessions begin when a visitor returns to the site after 30 minutes of activity or with a new session campaign (ex: the visitor returns to the site from a different traffic source)

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