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Thread: What is The benefits of URL Redirect?

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    What is The benefits of URL Redirect?

    Hello friends,

    I would like to know that What is The benefits of URL Redirect?

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    When a webpage is setup to redirect a visitor to another page automatically the process is called redirect. As time pass by, when there is a change in the ULR structure of the website it is beneficial to redirect the old URLs so that they pass whatever value in then to the redirect page. Selecting the type of redirect is also important for SEO of the website.
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    Benefit of URL redirect (webpage redirect) is that the visitor do not end up on webpage that says "404 Not found", but instead he/she is automatically transferred to a new URL where the content was moved. ->

    For SEO purposes make sure the redirect type is 301 so the new URL gets benefits of old URL.

    Good article about redirects:

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    URL redirection is also called as URL forwarding. It is a World wide techniques for making a web page available under more than one URL address. There are 2 types URL redirection: 301 redirection and 302 redirection. 301 Redirection is a permanent redirection that automatically send visitor on new page. 302 redirection is a temporary redirection that you can use for temporarily moved content.

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    A 301 Redirect is a permanent redirection that automatically sends a visitor to a new page. A search engine bot will ignore the content of the redirect page, indexing and rank the new page. This is the SEO friendly way to redirect a page because it will allow the transfer of any link power to the new page.

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