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Thread: How to check our trffic is from Real human or bot traffic?

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    Cool How to check our trffic is from Real human or bot traffic?

    Is any way to differentiate between real traffic and fake (bot or other bad traffic). Many seo company promising low cost services but uses bad tricks. Please help us to stay away from these guys.

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    Im really not sure, but i would bet it is needed advanced traffic counter like Google Analytics. There you can compare:
    length of visit
    country of visit
    browser type
    ..another parameters

    If traffic is faked from various IPs with various browser IDs (not hard to do), good indicator is length of visit (but this can also be faked and randomised). So end indicator can be "Browser type", if you see some extraordinary browser types, you may get an idea its an injected values, not real visitors.

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