When one create encrypted container in Truecrypt (www.truecrypt.ch), It has its fixed size and even if it is empty, it is using its using full disk space.

Issue is if one do not want to waste HDD/SSD writing cycles by moving files to a new container if current container will get too small (one can not resize TC container).

Also second issue with fixed Ttuecrypt containers is that it is using its full disk space even container is empty or contains just a few small files.

Workaround - how to create dynamic/flexible/sparse Truecrypt container

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So the result is that TC container is using only disk space that is really used by the files copied into the container. I have not yet tested if container contents can exceed the quota i set when creating the container (250GB).
I am using this dynamic container only on my backup drive as it has some downsides as mentioned on above screenshots.