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Thread: Is Full Stack Development a good career choice?

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    Is Full Stack Development a good career choice?

    Hello All, My young brother wants to build a career as a full stack developer. Can anyone tell me, Is being a full stack developer a good career choice? and I want to know the average salary of full stack developers as well as the career scope of a Full Stack Developer in India? I have checked some articles like this reference and It is very helpful but Is it the right choice to build a career as a full stack developer?

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    Regardless of what path you want to live and improve on , what i can tell you is to get your aim focused on international seas.Basing your goals locally especially on being a developer is pointless , since you will need similar level of experience and skills anyways that global players have , so why aim getting payed at local rates when you could earn much more at global rates(It was a generalization, you might get what you deserve at your current country as well).

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