when i tried to upload file using php script i was getting an error that the in PHP ini is defined limit of 2MB per uploaded file.
Velikost přílohy je příliš velká. Maximální velikost je 2 MB.
Toto je nastaveno v php.ini a nemůže být změněno.
I wanted to raise such limit, so i was searching for .ini file and .htaccess, but not found .ini file and not found anything related in .htaccess.

I would like to raise the limit to around 100MB

Then i found my web hosting control panel has a section for PHP version change and sub section for PHP configuration options where was also the "upload_max_filesize" limit set to small 2MB.

Maybe i could fix it also by creating php.ini file and pasting upload_max_filesize=100M
or something like that.