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Thread: Php vs Python

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    Php vs Python

    Hi guys i have dipped my toes in both languages but i am looking to get serious about one to increase my capabilities on website design for business purposes. I have read quite a few articles on the internet on this topic but most authors of those online blogs seem to be biased to either php or python or another markup language. So lets have a little discussion on the pros and cons that you yourself have experienced with one or both of these markup languages, be it with django , laravel or anything else i do not know about. Thanks in advance.

    I know it will not forever solve the debate of which is better on the internet , but perhaps i can read something to sway my my and business towards one direction.

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    PHP is extensively documented and follows a classic approach. On the other hand, Python makes use of indentation enforcements that are quite strict.
    Python is not just more readable than PHP, but also more readable than most other programming languages.
    The invention of PHP was done in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. Earlier PHP was known to be “Personal Home Page”. The fact that PHP was not originally designed yet rather was developed and has prompted conflicting naming of functions and inconsistent requesting of their parameters.

    PHP is an embedded scripting language for HTML like ASP or JSP. It is a language that combines elements of Perl, C, and Java.

    Advantages of PHP:

    • Open source
    • Speed
    • Easy and simple to use
    • Reliable
    • Can run on any platform
    • Built-in relational database modules
    • Strong library support

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    Python is easy to learn as compared to PHP. Although, development in PHP is more easy as you would have great options such as Laravel etc. In case of Python, only Django is a feasible option. I would suggest learning PHP instead of Python.

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