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Thread: What is the fastest way to setup reverse proxy for a website? (even for mail MX)

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    What is the fastest way to setup reverse proxy for a website? (even for mail MX)

    Is there any simple tutorial on how to setup reverse proxy on a DoS protected Linux VPS (prefferably OpenVZ based) so i hide my non DoS protected website hosted on cpanel shared hosting from third party hosting provider?

    Main aim is to hide IP and also reduce some attacks.

    Im using Cloudflare now, but it leak return real webhosting IP when doing mx lookup. Im not yet found any simple tutorial on how to setup external SMTP server with mails not spam-trashed by mailservers like Google, so i can disable MX on webserver to keep anonymity.

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    One of the many great features that CloudFlare provides is protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. A malicious party who wants to make your website or web service unavailable could try to overwhelm it with requests from compromised machines (or bots) all around the world. With a large enough volume of requests, your server may become overloaded and not be able to provide its services to legitimate clients. This is the typical scenario in a denial of service attack.

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