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Thread: 10 Best Mobile Apps To Ease Your Life

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    10 Best Mobile Apps To Ease Your Life

    If we’ve just introduced the smartphone into our lives, we need to keep up with the best apps that can give us a helping hand on every level. Needless to say, we have discovered over time best mobile apps in which technology is working for us! And I made a top 10 for it.

    1. Scout

    Even though Waze and Maps are at the top of GPS applications, we do not always have internet at our disposal. Let’s think we’re in a place without a signal. Scout is an offline GPS application, which means you can use it anywhere, including abroad, for free (does not access the internet once installed). Maps include stationary radars, gas stations, speed limits, ATMs, car parks and venues. It is one of the best mobile apps facilitating our daily lives.

    Full Article Source: https://www.temok.com/blog/best-mobile-apps/

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    Hello Hassan,

    Thanks for sharing this useful blog.

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