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Thread: Found a cockroach in my car

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    Found a cockroach in my car

    So Iím pretty new to this whole urban car living. Iíve been sleeping in my Camry for only about 10 days. Iím in Texas and what Iíve been doing is cracking a window or two per night and just dealing with the heat. Feels like 87 degrees or so~ anyways, so tonight I parked under a tree (I like to park next to trees/bushes so I can feel safe about the cracked windows) and cracked the two windows on the passenger side. I was sleeping in the back and I woke up sticky and sweaty and decided I was gonna jump to the passenger side and sleep there so I could stretch more, BUT THEN I REALIZE THERES SOMETHING ON THE SEAT so itís dark and I thought it was a leaf so I was thinking of picking it and just tossing it outside BUT THEN I REALIZE IT MOVES AND IT CRAWLS TO UNDER THE SEAT!!! 😷🤮 it kinda makes sense because the car got super warm, humid and moist since air wasnít really ventilating, but I was wondering what do yíall recommend doing for avoiding something like this happening again?

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    Probably the worst thing that can happen to a car owner is finding a cockroach in the car, because getting rid of them is really very difficult, because they lay their eggs in very hard-to-reach places.
    I advise you to read this article about roaches in car
    I think this source will help you figure out how you can get rid of cockroaches in your car.

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