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Thread: How to find a good forex broker?

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    How to find a good forex broker?

    Recommendations please? Thanks!

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    There are so many of them now but anyway finding a good broker can be a problem because of possible scam and their low-quality service in general. The really nice one should provide the good service and customer support which means that your broker must offer live chat support 24/5, it's very necessary because of fast changes in case of forex market. With your broker you should get your money quickly, for example withdrawing funds should be completed within 5 working days, if there are any problems with this, than it's a high risk that your broker is a scam Unfortunately scam is a very widespread thing for them in general because of that it's recommended always to check reviews about certain brokers from previous clients and choose the ones only from safe resources and special regulatory agencies which exist now for many separate countries.
    Also the good broker should have an effective and user-friendly trading platform, offer currency pairs you want, reasonable leverage and stop loss protection system.
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    You need to find reliable sources, useful tips and information concerning it.

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