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Thread: How to find a good forex broker?

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    Apr 2018

    How to find a good forex broker?

    Recommendations please? Thanks!

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    Aug 2018

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    You need to find reliable sources, useful tips and information concerning it.

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    Now many are interested in trading on Forex. But that your work on forex brought profit, you need to take into account the rules of Forex.

    1. You start slowly. Make small trades and slowly build up capital gains
    2. You need to advance to survive. To gain skills and achieve success, you need to trade on a real account.
    3. You should have a plan. whoever has a plan has a much better chance of succeeding
    4. Always install Stop Loss. this is a set limit, upon reaching which your position will be closed.
    5. Keep your emotions under control
    6. always analyze. Your trading history is an inexhaustible source of knowledge.

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    You can use the forex brokers search service The site has all the information necessary for choosing a broker. Using broker's financial results data, you will be able to choose a broker who will trust your money

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    there are different methods

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    I canít work with Forex. I tried it several times.I decided to try playing in the casino, I found information about bonus codes April 2021 .I think to try, before I was lucky in roulette and have their own game strategy, they have slots

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