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Thread: What is better, buying or building CRM system for my business?

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    What is better, buying or building CRM system for my business?

    What is more profitable in your opinion?

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    I would 100% say Buy. Trying to dive into a custom development for just a CRM can easily turn into a nightmare.

    Often times with custom development, the software is made, and never maintained. So in 5 or 10 years you end up with an outdated piece of software that you have to get written all over again.
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    It really depends on a certain type of company you have. In general buying CRM systems is much cheaper than building your own one but they're not very effective for all types of companies. In general both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, for example buying is better when you have limited budget and not so much time for creating your own (it's not a fast process), also if you don't have a good software team for completing this task. Besides such ready systems are perfect for the most amount of companies, they're already effective and can be used for many necessary functions On the other hand if your business demands a high-quality technology with specific needs, then building your own CRM system can be the best choice It's rather expensive and you need to find a good software company for making this. Also I should mention that such systems can be cpmbined later effectively with your current software which is not always possible in case of ready ones.
    Hope that was helpful!
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