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Thread: Experience with forex trading, commodity or binary options?

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    Experience with forex trading, commodity or binary options?

    Have you tried forex trading, commodity or binary options? What would you say about your experience if you have any?

    In my case i tried forex manual trading (technical analysis) and around 8 automatic robots. My total loose is 3K USD, i wont forget. Also i tried binary options, i ended up not loosing money, because i stopped in time. Both Binary options and Forex are very risky. I recommend to all: always deposit only money you wont regret loosing.

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    Yes, I have tried Forex trading in the past but never get succeeded in making huge amount of bucks. However, my experience with binary trading is quite better than Forex and fortunately made handsome bucks in this trading.

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    I have not tried it, but it seems to me difficult. You need to learn so much, and this does not guarantee you success.

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    I also like to trade on FX, just easy way to earn money.

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    I tried and still continue Forex trading I think that it's a good additional tool to your main work for earning money, during some months I got really nice profit. However like in case or cryptocurrencies prices for foreign currency can vary during time and some months were very unprofitable for me, because of that I think that it's not a good idea to make Forex your only one and main work.
    Also I can say from my own experience that it has in general such main advantages:
    - leverage (because it makes difference between small gains in trading and sizable ones)
    - fast returns (this market has deep liquidity and is fast-moving comparing with many other ones)
    - accessibility (it's one of the most accessible markets in the world, everyone can start an account, there are a lot of types of brokers, the market is open 24 hours a day/6 days per week and so on)
    - liquidity (it's one of the largest markets now which means that there is an ample liquidity for trading)

    But of course Forex can't be perfect totally. For example, to its serious cons belong high volatility, less profitable chances for small traders, weak regulatory protection, self-directed learning and so on.
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    I didn't try as of now, going through couple of sites for that. I came across one site for money transfer to kenya from UK, it's good as of now, the exchange rates & everything, Do check it. The site name is currency tube.
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    I'm new to the currency trading market, here's some source that can be useful
    I advise you to avoid binary options that are an anarchy. if you consider being traders I advise you to take a long time to learn, it's not a way to get rich quickly, as others want to make believe.

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