i wanted to share the Linux command i am using to download all the contents of a remote FTP account. If you advise any tweaks or other command, please comment.

wget --quiet -P /local/directory/path --timestamping --no-parent --no-host-directories --recursive --level=99 --waitretry=10 --wait=1 --timeout=60 --user=usernamehere --password=passwordhere ftp://ftp.mydomain.here/

--quiet does not show any output of the command
-P sets the directory where should be files downloaded
--timestamping overwrite older files, skip same files
--no-parent download only deeper from the directory tree, not up from the parent directories
--no-host-directories prevent creating parent folder "ftp.mydomain.here", but output directly to /local/directory/path
--recursive download not only from current directory but also subdirectories
--level up to 99 levels deep into directory structure
--waitretry wait a few seconds before retry unsuccessful download
--wait a few seconds between each file download not to stress remote server
--timeout if operation (reading, lookup..) takes more than 60 seconds