How to use KloxoMR to setup free SSL certificate for the domain

Login KloxoMR, in the top menu mouse over item "Task", click sub-menu item "Domains", click your domain name (which you already added, example "").

Now you can see the interface/icons where you can manage your domain/website.

There you may find "SSL Certificates" icon. Or in the top menu, find and mouse over item "Resource", click sub-menu item "SSL Certificates".

Now click menu item "Add Let's Encrypt" and proceed.

After submitting the form, You may see Error 400 or it may succeed.

If page is loading and then timeout, maybe Letsencrypt server is not available temporarily, try again later.

If there is error 400 and Kloxo stop working, you need to login the server command line (SSH) using software like PuTTy.

Server: your server IP
Port: usually 22
Password: your server root password (NOT your kloxo admin password)

After login via SSH, execute command: sh /script/restart-all

And refresh your Kloxo webpage via web browser.

The log file for the SSL certificates seems to be this one:
cat /var/log/