Hello, are You facing this WHM/cPanel control panel problem?

- WHM/cPanel content is not styled, shows only texts and most images are missing, formating of the content is missing too. At same time you can browse only one or two pages per login session and then you have to relogin WHM/cPanel.

You may be using cloudflare for the domain which is used in your WHM/cPanel server hostname:


Login Cloudflare.com, select your website, click DNS section. And verify that Orange cloud is NOT used on the NDS entries related to your cPanel/WHM service.
Example these should probably be gray cloud: cpanel, server1 (or your server hostname), whm, webmail, mail

More details on how to fix it and the causes: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200063289-My-cPanel-won-t-load-or-keeps-logging-me-out-after-enabling-Cloudflare