NetData is software that can show realtime statistics of the Linux server CPU, RAM, HDD, network usage.

My oppinion about usefullness of this SW: I think this SW can be usefull when one need historic performance in graphs, or is newbie in Linux and can't remember all the commands & switches: netstat, ps, iostat, iotop

Here is the overview of the software and screenshots:

The installation manual is there:

In my case i installed it on the CentOS 6.6 final this way:

# CentOS / Red Hat Enterprise Linux
yum install autoconf automake curl gcc git libmnl-devel libuuid-devel lm_sensors make MySQL-python nc pkgconfig python python-psycopg2 PyYAML zlib-devel
cd /tmp
git clone --depth=1
cd netdata
once installed it told me that i can access the dashboard via web browser:


New configuration saved for you to edit at /etc/netdata/netdata.conf
Update e-mail variable "DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_EMAIL" inside /etc/netdata/health_alarm_notify.conf
To stop netdata, just kill it, with: killall netdata
To start it, just run it: /usr/sbin/netdata
Uninstall script generated: /tmp/
Update script generated: /tmp/

Now one need to make it start at boot, maybe adding cronjob by doing "crontab -e" and pasting new line:
@reboot /usr/sbin/netdata

To change port under which dashboard is available (for increased safety), one may try edit /etc/netdata/netdata.conf and replace line:
# default port = 19999
default port = Enter5digitsNumberHere
and then stop/kill + start netdata using above mentioned commands.

To execute certain linux command/s when some alarm/alert is triggered, add line:
exec: /path/to/
into appropriate .conf file inside /etc/netdata/health.d/