I have found movie in two different qualities:
1st file had high video quality video but wrong audio dubbing
2nd file had low video quality and correct audio

Here is how i have merged two streams from two files:

In https://mkvtoolnix.download/ i have drag & drop both files, then below i have selected only tracks of my preference, and clicked to "Start multiplexing".

The resulting file audio was delayed/early a few seconds and moreover the gap was increasing during the playback.

What helped to remove growing desynchronization during playback was to check both video files FPS (frames per second), one had 25, other 23.xxx, i was interested in FPS value of the file from which i wanted only audio track and have noted this value, went to MKVToolNix, in the section "Tracks, chapters and tags" i have clicked the video stream of my choice (the one i want to use in resulting file) and on the right set the "Default duration/FPS" to the FPS i noted earlier (FPS of the video file from which i wanted the audio stream). Result is that the audio/video was no longer desynchronizing and it was linear, only i had to shift it a few seconds, for that you can try to click the audio or video track in MKVToolnix and on the right set the "Delay (in ms)" .. 1000 = 1 second or you can also use command below:

Shift of the audio can also be done using ffmpeg command, here -3 seconds:
ffmpeg -i "input.avi" -itsoffset -3.0 -i "input.avi" -map 0:v -map 1:a -c copy "output.avi"