V2RAY proxy CLIENT setup on new Linux Manjaro & config files:
in short:
pacman -S v2ray
/etc/v2ray/config.json <- https://guide.v2fly.org/en_US/basics/shadowsocks.html#client-side-configuration
systemctl enable v2ray && systemctl start v2ray
V2RAY SERVER setup on CentOS 6:
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hijkpw/scripts/master/goV2.sh -O -|bash
Config: /etc/v2ray/config.json
Then setup the service:
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/slrslr/Miscellaneous-bash-scripts/master/etc_init.d_v2ray -O v2ray;sudo mv v2ray /etc/init.d/;sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/v2ray;sudo chkconfig v2ray on;sudo service v2ray start
sudo service v2ray restart

What if i have multiple servers i want to switch between?

Switch between the two v2ray servers on Linux client:
all done on client:

1. mkdir -p /home/$(whoami)/scripts/;wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/slrslr/Miscellaneous-bash-scripts/master/v2rayswitch -O /home/$(whoami)/scripts/v2rayswitch

2. update your server config file names in the script file:
nano /home/$(whoami)/scripts/v2rayswitch
Ctrl+X; Y; Enter

2. chmod +x /home/$(whoami)/scripts/v2rayswitch;nano ~/.bashrc
prepend new line:
alias v2rswitch=&lsquo;sudo /bin/bash /home/YOURUSERNAME/scripts/v2rayswitch&rsquo;

After logout/login/restart computer, you can use commands like following to switch to different v2ray server:
$ v2rswitch
(it will ask to which server to switch)
$ v2rswitch serv1
(it will switch to server 1)