To destroy the reputation and finances of a harmless google competitor in India, google, tata, NTRO, R&AW are allegedly involved in a major iwriter fraud in India, falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored goan sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud R&AW/CBI employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree own the iwriter account of a harmless google competitor to justify the payment of a monthly indian government salary to these google, tata sponsored sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds at the expense of the google competitor.
Bank records, income tax returns, surveillance will prove that the 10 google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree especially shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, goan gsb frauds riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar,semiliterate gujju housewife naina, have never made any money writing for iwriter in their life and are least interested in doing so, yet NTRO, CBI, google, tata continue to waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money to dupe people, companies and countries worldwide since 2013.
Is there a similar iwriter fraud taking place in your country also, with NTRO employees making fake claims about paypal, iwriter account ownership