Paypal account holders in India exploited by corrupt top government employees to enjoy free sex, get jobs for their relatives, and get money bribes
indian government pampers lazy greedy goan sex workers,frauds gives them great powers, falsely claims that they are online experts to give them great powers, a monthly salary
In india,allegedly bribed by google, tata the indian government pampers world famous goan sex workers sunaina, siddhi, cheater housewives like indore crook veena, riddhi nayak, nayanshree, frauds falsely claiming that they own the paypal account , domain names, websites of a private citizen to give them lucrative jobs in indian intelligence agencies R&AW, CBI.
The financial records are ignored completely as millions of dollars of indian tax payer money is wasted annnually by the indian government to dupe countries, companies and people worldwide that the goan sex worker,cheater housewife and other frauds own the paypal account, domain names of a private citizen, link seller and google competitor

Is government financial fraud, faced by all paypal account holders worldwide, or only indian paypal account holders face exploitation, cheating, human rights abuses by the top intelligence employees, wasting millions of dollars of indian tax payer money in the process due to extremely high levels of corruption, nepotism, casteism and fraud in India .
Any tips to end the great indian paypal fraud will be appreciated