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Thread: Internet technology

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    Internet technology

    What Is Subnet Mask (address Mask)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by david007 View Post
    An IP address includes with two components, the network address and the host address. A subnet mask separates the IP address into the network and host addresses (<network><host&gt. Subnetting further divides the host part of an IP address into a subnet and host address (<network><subnet><host&gt if additional subnetwork is needed. Use the Subnet Calculator to retrieve subnetwork information from IP address and Subnet Mask. It is called a subnet mask because it is used to identify network address of an IP address by perfoming a bitwise AND operation on the netmask. Hope this is usefull.
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    Thanks for the explanation!

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    Subnet mask is a logical subdivision of an internet protocol address. Dividing the network in two or more segments is known as subnets.
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