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Thread: Receive SMS when email arrive?

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    Receive SMS when email arrive?

    Hi, is there any free/or very cheap service that can send SMS when ANY or speciffic email is received?

    Google Callendar has this free feature, but gmail not.

    Idea1: http://www.weekwill.com/ 12usd monthly around
    Idea2: Having Android smartphone connected to internet, we can install Android App which will check mailbox for email and produce sound notiffications or alerts when new email arrive.... You may create new mailbox and forward to it only emails meeting your criteria to get selectivelly alerted. I used Android App called "Mail Alert". It allows advanced alert mails filtering, also IMAP, it allows advanced notiffication like vibrations, tone(once,loop,every x seconds), on display, bypas silent mode, only certain day hours. neat.

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    It is good idea. I think first one is good option.

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