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Thread: Best SEO plugins for wordpress?

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    Best SEO plugins for wordpress?

    Good day all,
    I am building a website in wordpress and want to know if there are useful SEO plugins for wordpress that i can add in my website to make it search friendly for huge traffic.
    All suggestions are welcomed.

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    I think WP is already well built to allow Gogle index it. If your site has too many articles, you may try to search for "sitemap" plugin.
    Also i use pretty URLs like site.com/articlename . This can be changed in Settings/Permalinks.

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    There are many SEO Plugins out of which I am using is Yoast which is one of the most popular and most used WordPress SEO plugin

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    Now a days I am using all-in-one seo pack, Is there any decent plugin available ?

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    Broken links can not only create bad experience for your users, but they can also affect your site’s SEO.
    If you have been running a blog for sometime, then you should check your site from time to time for broken links and fix them.
    So, i want to suggest you Broken Link checker plugin.
    For more detail check out: https://wordpress.org/plugins/broken-link-checker/

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    In my opinion, Yoast is the best SEO Plugin for Wordpress.

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    How about Yoast Plugin? Did you try this one yet?

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    I think this depends on your level of knowledge in seo . If you are a beginner yoast is a good start it will defnitly help you become a better writer. The trick with seo is not to take what one application of plugin says and apply all of it.
    Once you get to know seo really well , you will find some seo plugins or programs lack in certain areas where others excel. So you have to use multiple programs and use the best features of eatch. For example yoast is decent with onpage , especially content. But yoast does not do off page that well , yoast also doesnt compare against the top ten website results. So its based on a set algorithm. IF you go premium however you have access to trends and a bit more options with regards to whats happening in the search engine worls with regards to keywords.

    Google does not have a set algorithm however. Google bases its algorithm on what users like and user metrics , they then decide ok since people love this website , it must be pretty spot on with its keywords and writing style. letts adjust our algorithm to be more favourable to this type of writing.

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