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Thread: How to find a good programmer for developing or modifying a website script?

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    How to find a good programmer for developing or modifying a website script?

    How to find a good programmer for developing or modifying a website script for automating selling text links? The programmer should be very honest and not leave backdoors which can be exploited at a later date.

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    Hi webc, being You i would use search engine (SE) and search something like: programming offers forum , programmer forum job / offers , freelance programmer

    and then sort programming offers/programmers according to their rating, amount of completed works.
    i would want to see veriffied programmer past works and positive ratings.

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    You can hire from hiring developer companies likes mobiweb, Upwork and fiverr

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    I think you wold be hard pressed to find this kind of developer hanging online aka freelancing, guys with this skillet are the type that are usually employed, I would start at Fiver, Freelancer, even hit some guys up at code canyon or github. As for the honest part thats going to be a hit and miss there are some expetional guys out there and some relly bad ones. Always check references of past clients.

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    First of all, you have to diversify what do you need, developing or modifying a script? Because that is rather difficult to make some changes in someone's code. Most the programmers like to make the website or the application from the very beginning till the end of work when the product is ready. I had such an issue with my telemedicine niche. I know coding a little bit and after reading an article about how to build a telemedicine platform and application I started the project by myself and that was very difficult to find someone who can finish it.

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    I recommend preferring Clone Script Service to modify and developing a website script. Clone Script Service provider provides various types of clone script to make applications.

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