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Thread: Mobile development cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanielLee5 View Post

    I guess there are special calculators in the web
    That would depend on so many factors, the functionality you require in the mobile app.
    The company you are using and where they are based.
    The experience within the the developers in that group.
    The overheads the owner of that a business has to cover.
    Are they going to maintain and upgrade the app?

    You want to know how much a mobile app like uber would cost ( Ive worked with a team who did a driver app and its ALOT of work ) , you wont find a answer here, go ask a company because they will all differ.

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    The mobile app development cost may differ based on the requirement of the customers.

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    The cost of mobile development depends on the specifications of the mobile.
    For making an app like Uber, the development cost also depends on its features, app extension, etc. If you want to go with a low budget development cost then you use clone script for making android app.

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    Speaking about mobile development, the cost of it can vary in different ways. It depends on the quality, production and the specificity. I used to develop a mobile application for my taxi service, using mobile development firm. This firm helped me to create a professional software that met all my needs and I can get more clients with it.

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