How to disassembly the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 keyboard?

If you are unable to get away the garbage out of the keyboard, you may want to disassemble it for cleanup.

On the bottom are 3 hidden screws. It is behind the stickers that can not be unstuck. First is right before the barcode and two others are behind other sticker in same height like first one. Maybe draw a line using knife to find out the holes location.

After removing all screws, you will need to separate bottom and the top part of the keyboard, on one side of the keyboard you may need to use more force that you will almost worry not to break anything. Be careful separating parts as there are cables and connectors. You may need to disconnect one in order to finish the separation. It is not too hard to do this really. I was able to finish this clean it and assemble again without damaging the keyboard. Note that short screws belong on the bottom where the keyboard is most thin, else long ones will go thru plastic.