Edision Proton T265 LED (11/2019) DVB-T2 receiver allows quite simple TV watching and recording.

Said to have sensitive reception of the antena signal
15 seconds startup and 1 second channel switching within one multiplex and 2.5 seconds switching between multiplexes
optional 5V antena powering
EPG is quite practical, shows enough information for next hours, easy to quickly find what is up next within this time frame
Recorded files are saved to USB drive and well named with .tsv extension and VLC and MPC-HC computer players are able to play it (for HD, your processor should have enough power - CPU bech score 5000+ or HEVC decoding support)

Remote control buttons are a bit hard to push and not ideal for big finders.
Made in china
Bad multimedia player. some video and audio formats/codecs are not supported and external .srt subtitles were not showing up

in my case the audio and video is interupted for 1 second (black screen) at least every 45 minutes, sometimes more often. Solution? return the device to seller or try to use non-HD AV quality 480p_60 in Settings.