To destroy competition, Google allegedly involved in massive computer work at home fraud in India since 2010. Google has allegedly bribed the indian government and 5-6 state governments to falsely claim that google, tata sponsored call girls, robbers, cheaters who do no computer work, and do not hire anyone at all, own the paypal, bank account of a google competitor to get a monthly raw/cbi salary at the expense of the google competitor , domain investor
Surveillance, income tax returns will also expose the indian and state government COMPUTER WORK fraud, the robbers cheaters, call girls are COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING, do not have computers at home, yet the indian government continues with its COMPUTER WORK, DOMAIN FRAUD, for more than ten years, duping countries, companies and people worldwide, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the google competitor, to help google destroy competition.
This is a fraud alert,so that countries and companies are not duped by the lies of the indian government and its agencies like R&AW