Hello, i changed hosting for the site http://favoriteminigames.com.

Did wget .tar archive from old hosting and untar on new hosting,

changed mysql details on new hosting in onarcade config file (/includes/dbinfo.php) and i got Something is wrong error. When turned on debug in config.php, website returned this error:

fopen(./cache/menu_lists_0.cache) [function.fopen]: failed to open
stream: Permission denied
File: /home/*/includes/functions.php (184)
183 // And lets write the file
184 $open_cache_file = fopen($cache_file, 'w');
185 fwrite($open_cache_file, $file_content);
186 fclose($open_cache_file);

chown is myusername:myusername recursivelly on website folders; cache folder is 777, its files 644

please how to fix it?

How to fix

just change all /cache files permissions to 777 (except index.html)
i did it via command line:
cd cache; chmod 777 *.cache

If you get any other Failed to open stream, permission denied. Always check whether mentioned files have appropriate permissions. If its cache file, it usually needs 777