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Thread: Why is blogging valuable?

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    Why is blogging valuable?

    Hello friends,

    I want to know that Why is blogging valuable?

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    For various reasons depending on what you do , but for the most part its a great way to directly speak t you users /clients or visitors to your site and llow them to comment or reply. Beside the fact that the client feels more intouch and personalized with your brand , google also like user generated content on your site .

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    Cảm ơn bạn!

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    Share your content and Add your website to the Google search engine.
    I am Happy With My Friend

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    Hie all,
    Blogging is a platform where one share hi/her thoughts, expereinces, opinion. It is valuable because if you are starting a small business, or a multinational company, blogging is integral to your online content marketing strategy. There are 4 reasons why blogging is valuable:
    • Drive traffic to your website
    • Increase your SEO/ SERP
    • Position your brand as an industry leader
    • Develop better customer relationships

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    Because Nowadays content is very important & valuable things for everythings.

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