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Thread: Acronyms used at ILF

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    Acronyms used at ILF

    Hi, these are acronyms currently used at ILF.
    If you think its bad choice or have any new ideas on aditions, please post there

    What are acronyms: Its some short word, or some slang, shortcut. When you move Your mouse on that word, it will show long version or the meaning of the word.

    'seo' => 'Search Engine Optimization'
    'ppc' => 'pay per click'
    'cpm' => 'Cost Per Thousand'
    'pr' => 'Google Page Ranking'
    'js' => 'JavaScript'
    'ilf' => 'InternetLifeForum'
    'lol' => 'Laughing Out Loud'
    'rofl' => 'Rolling On Floor Laughing'
    'afaik' => 'As far as I know'
    'btw' => 'By The Way'
    'dot' => '.'
    'nvm' => 'nevermind'

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    good thread!

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