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Thread: What will be the future of Digital Marketing 2020 and onwards?

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    What will be the future of Digital Marketing 2020 and onwards?

    What will be the future of 2020 and onwards?

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    es, the digital era has evolved at a lightning fast speed and marketing is catching up equally. But marketers must realize that the digital advancement is going to be meteoric, and they must be flexible to shifting market demands. Data will flow in from innumerable sources, opening doors to profound opportunities for marketers.

    According to Gartner's survey, connected things will amount up to 8.4 billion IoT devices by 2020, with almost thrice the number of consumer devices that 2016. In 2020, marketing would be more about sensible and contextual placement of relevant elements across customers’ innumerable digital experiences. Someone cruising to the workplace in a self driving car would probably intend to see his calendar. Maintained by the voice assistant, the calendar might just want to recommend your ideal lunch depending upon your health data. This bit of customer experience is about many participants, all driving intelligent decisions to the customers. Marketing would be about these decisions, assisting customers with the right thing at the right time, right price, right mood, and just right everything. In fact, it looks like everything has just begun, and everything is yet to be done in marketing.

    Marketers need to analyze, uncover opportunities, and pursue their customers through the lifecycle. Digital marketing in 2020 would be about relevance, precision and accuracy. And it will be achievable only by adopting decision science, scaling up infrastructure, and boldly transforming the ideology.

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