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Thread: automation of processes in medicine

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    Jul 2019

    automation of processes in medicine

    Is it worth it to invest in business process automation in the hospital? How useful is this automation?

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    Jul 2019
    Technologies greatly simplify for example the diagnosis. In the early stages, oncology can now be identified. And how many operations with the help of robots

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    IT technologies are developing more and more every year in the field of medicine. It's true. I work in a hospital. The trend is that in the near future, many types of work will be automated. Artificial intelligence in healthcare will replace human labor
    Already, a series of operations is performed by robots. It became easier for doctors to diagnose a number of diseases. Yes, and early diagnosis greatly simplifies the process of recovery.

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    Jul 2019
    Automation in medicine can improve the quality of services provided. At the same time, I believe that a healthy lifestyle will bring no less benefit.

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