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Thread: Golf putters

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    Golf putters

    Does anyone here play this game? Can you recommend me which ones are really good to choose? Thanks.

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    Golf putters are one of the most important elements of the golf equipment in general and their types can affect you game really greatly. There are many types of them but choosing the good one doesn't mean that you need to buy only the most expensive putter, it's really possible to find the good putter with not extremely high price
    First of all make a decision about their balance. According to this cryteria there are such types of putters as:
    - toe-balanced (they complement an arced putting stroke by squaring up the clubface at impact)
    - face-balanced (they're better for the straight through putting stroke game style https://golfclubguru.net/golf-putters/)

    Pay attention on their clubbed features too:
    - the insert type (its pros are smoother roll and better feel)
    - the alingment type (with such putters it's simplier to to start your ball at the target line)
    - the perimeter-weighted type (they provide a bigger sweet spot for the players because of their perimeter weighting)

    There are also such types as blade and mullet putters, short and long, and so on. Your final choice will depend on your style of playing and level of the skills.
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