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Thread: Which type of paint is best for interior wall?

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    Which type of print is the best for interior wall?

    I've never tried them in my house, is it really a nice idea for interior design?
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    Why not to try them for decorating your house? It's a very beautiful, convinient and modern type of decorations, and they can be used in all rooms and for almost all interior design styles
    There are several types of them, the main ones are canvas, acrylic and metal prints. Your choice will depend on certain style of room where you're planning to use them and specific features of every material.
    For example, the acrylic prints https://www.bigacrylic.com/acrylic-prints/ have great color vibrancy, very high UV and moisture protection, really modern style and are lighter than glass. But on the other hand they can be rather expensive and much heavier than some other types.
    On the other hand, the canvas prints are very light in case of weight, look like oil paintings and are ready for hanging right after bringing them into your home. But their main disadvantages are very low scratch-resistant feature, worse moisture and UV protection comparing with the acrylic ones, and less vibrancy.
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