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Thread: What foods will lower blood sugar quickly...?

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    What foods will lower blood sugar quickly...?

    Hello Friends,

    Please tell me, What foods will lower blood sugar quickly...?

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    bitter gourd is the good food helps to reduce sugar in the blood.

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    Agree with you guys.

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    Delhi, India
    I think sugar free food. Otherwise you can contact doctor for better solution.

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    Definitely no one will say. It is necessary to pass an examination. Identify what level of sugar and whether it is diabetes.

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    I think that it's seafood. As far as I know, seafood, especially caviar has a lot of different vitamins and minerals. I am currently using https://globalseafoods.com/collections/red-caviar suppliar that has a big variety of different caviar options.

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    What about some supplements and maybe vitamins which can help with it? I would like to recommend that you have a look at Canadian Pharmacy for some helpful and healthy ones. I am sure that you will find something interesting to you there, good luck with it!
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