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Thread: Do you gamble?

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    Apr 2018

    Do you gamble?

    What are your favourite games? How lucky are you to win?

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    May 2018
    USA, New York
    Yeah, gambling belongs to my hobbies. I've always been a competitive person so I rather fast found much interest in such games
    I like the most of all various card games (especially whist and poker), casino and sport bettings. In case of the first ones I often play them with my friends but in such company it's only for fun, not for money. We visit live casino sometimes too. And I adore to make sport bets https://777score.co.uk/, especially in case of football and basketball, my favourite teams are from England and USA, and I won not for once while making bets on them.
    I was lucky in case in casino too, both in live and online ones, however like in case of sport bettings I've never won really big amounts of money, the biggest prize I got was $200. But I'm ok with that, well it's gambling and you'll always lose more in such games than win.
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    Aug 2018
    I am playing online games as well. Sims, Pubg, CS GO.

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    Sep 2017
    I like to play Darkness Rises all the time when i free.

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    Nov 2019
    Yes, I often gamble on Saturdays with my friends. We love poker and blackjack. But I heard live casino games new zealand play now are good and I really would like to play online gambling. They say that there is a lot of money

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