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Thread: Handmade arts

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    Handmade arts

    Do you like them? Which ones are your favourite?

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    If you mean such type of arts in general, than yes, I really like them I find it fascinating how beautiful and interesting things various people make with their own hands, the most of all I like knitting, scrapbooking and soapmaking, I rather often bough such things for myself and as gifts for my friends. I think that handmade gifts are one of the most pleasant which you can get, especially if it's made by a person who's important for you.
    As for me I can't say that I'm really talented in case of handicraft, I tried different types of it and I wasn't really good in them, except only quilling and scrapbooking. They're now one of my main hobbies and I like to make quilling pictures connected with certain songs of my fav bands or scrapbooks with unusual decor, including creative photos, postcards https://masterbundles.com/postcards-...rds-templates/ from postcrossing, fonts and colours. I like to decorate them with quilling elements too, sometimes I get really cool combinations.
    But for me it's only a hobby, I'm not planning to make money from this.
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    Hi there! It is really very cool! I like creating some Soft Enamel Pins by myself a lot, and it is a very interesting hobby. What do you think about it?
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