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Thread: Pets question

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    Red face Pets question

    Do you have pets? I love cats and have two. What about you?

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    I love dogs a lot. I have a mixed beagle. She's phenomenal but quite jelly most of the time. We tried to make friends with the new beagle puppy neighbor earlier but she just wants all the love and attention. Hahaha I still gave a rawhide to that beagle puppy neighbor as a welcome gift.

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    I have three cats, and I like them so much! Where do you buy some supplements for your pets, guys? I like Pet Pharmacy a lot, and I think you will find it interesting to you too. Hope I was helpful. Btw, post some pics here, guys!
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    I really like dogs. I have alabai. This breed of dog scares passers-by its size. But dogs are very faithful and loyal. With the advent of her in my home, my life and interests have changed. Half a year ago, my dog ​​gave birth to puppies. It was not exactly fun for me. Puppies demanded more attention than small children. Now is the period when I can already distribute puppies to new homes. I make videos about them and send them to potential owners. For myself, I had to learn a new kind of video journalist specialty video editor. All videos are mounted using this video editor
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