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Thread: Webhosting company making fake allegations of defamation without any proof

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    Webhosting company making fake allegations of defamation without any proof

    The blogs are mainly mentioning some names of fictional characters or the truth with proof, yet an indian webhosting company is falsely claiming that the content is defamatory and suspending the account. There is no personally identifiable information about the characters which are mentioned, yet fake allegations of defamation are being made to suspend the webhosting account, causing great losses.
    Has anyone else faced a similar problem of being falsely accused of defamation by the webhosting company when fictional characters were used or the unpleasant truth with proof was provided .

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    No, i have not faced the provider suspending me for defamatory content of my site.
    It is always very good idea to backup your website data regularly so if they suspend you, you can restore site on another hosting.
    It is the same like with your computer. You need to do backups because if your HDD fail, and no backup is there, you have problem.

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