Dongqi Group crane machine provided 44 lifting equipment for Changjiu automobile manufacturer, including single-beam cranes, double-beam cranes, Semi-gantry Cranes and column cantilever cranes, all require European design.

About 44 Sets Lifting Equipment Project
Changjiu automobile manufacturer mainly produces vehicle trucks, special vehicles, new energy vehicles, tank vehicles, business vehicles and equipment, auto parts, semi-trailer series, dangerous goods transport vehicles and other special vehicles.


The company due to production needs, plans to purchase 44 sets lifting equipment. Including single-beam cranes, double-beam cranes, semi-gantry cranes and column cantilever cranes, all require European design.

44 Sets Lifting Equipment Crane Lists
Type Quantity(set)
LD20t-25.5m single girder overhead crane 1
LD5t-25.5m Single Girder Overhead Crane 10
LD5t-16.5m Single Girder Overhead Crane 2
LD10t-25.5m Single Girder Overhead Crane 9
MGB3t-8m Double Girder Gantry Crane 2
BZ0.5t-4.5m pillar jib crane 20
Why chose Dongqi Group?
In December 2016, the company invited more than 10 well-known domestic crane manufacturers to participate in the project. After the evaluation and screening of the suppliers’ strength, qualifications, performance, and ultimately only retained the five crane suppliers to conduct a formal tender, and Dongqi Group got this project.

44 Sets Lifting Equipment for Changjiu Automobile Manufacturer