Torrentz2 says at that following torrent indexes are largest when it comes to a torrent count: 64,253,514 torrents (can not add torrent, adblock block it) 53,435,850 torrents (can not add torrent) 15,751,641 torrents (can not login account) 11,396,220 torrents - (can not add torrent) 17,472,836 torrents (registration, torrent adding WORKS) 9,776,911 torrents (registration e-mail not arrive) 9,918,795 torrents (offline) 9,923,282 torrents (registration not working) 9,051,013 torrents (registration, torrent adding WORKS) 4,953,574 torrents (WORKS, but has to e-mail admin to upload torrents) 4,234,776 torrents (registration not working) 2,328,102 torrents (WORKS) ? torrents (WORKS)

most of these do not work to submit torrent. I highlighted ones that works. What are other open trackers that gets indexed in torrent meta-search engines like and allows adding torrent + have many torrents?