i found a few methods on how to share all my torrents as a magnet links. Magnet links are easier way to share torrent than bothering with .torrent files.


How this method works:
It works by bulk opening all your torrent files in qbittorrent (torrent client software) (and by the way Tixati also support this) and then selecting all the opened torrents in qbittorrent and clicking option to copy all magent links. It will copy one magnet link per line including trackers that are set in torrent files and you can then paste this list where you need. It will allow anyone to to use magnet link to download your torrent.

How to do it step by step:
1. You can download qbittorrent from http://qbittorrent.org and then run it
2. If you do not want to use qbittorrent as your torrent client and you already have other client, you should go to qbittorrent Options / Downloads / When adding torrent: untick "Display torrent content and some options" and untick "Do not start the download automatically". It will ensure no work will be needed on your end when importing torrents in next step.
3. In qbittorrent, click to open torrent file. Then browse to a directory where you have all your torrent files which you are or will be seeding (in any torrent client). You can select all files at once and these will be added to the qbittorrent.
4. in qbittorrent, select to show All torrents and then do Ctrl+A to select all, then right click and select to Copy magnent link
5. Paste magnet links to a file and use Search & replace function of your text editor to replace your PIDs or whole tracker URLs by nothing or by something not existing.
If you want to paste list to the forum or a html web page to be clickable and human readable, there would have to be made some bash script. I can make it for some money.

Note: to further enhance the magnet links by some particular trackers, you can play with https://github.com/GerryFerdinandus/bittorrent-tracker-editor which can delete torrent files trackers in bulk and add new trackers you define. But first backup your files and do not change torrent between private/public in case you used qbittorrent only to export magners and do not plan to import and seed modified torrents. Because changing torrent status (private/public) would change torrent hash and i think people will be unable to connect to you if you seed old unmodified torrents with old hash not with new hash you provided to others.



On the Linux, one can use mentioned script with help of some bash script that run it for every file in certain directory and add output to a file. I may help with that for some money.


Download and use Magnetizer (windows software): torrent magnet link