eDonkey is file sharing application. Files are shared directly with other people peer to peer (P2P). eMule connects to the eDonkey network.

1. Download http://www.emule-project.net/
2. Install (not into "Program Files (x86)", try without x86) & run, then Windows firewall may ask if eMule should be allowed to access internet. Confirm this.
3. click Connect button
eMule may not connect and Servers list may show grayed out entries with "1" in the "Failed" column.
4. Go to http://www.emule-project.net/home/perl/help.cgi?l=1&topic_id=131&rm=show_topic you may find there some addresses with servers list.
I used this address: http://gruk.org/list.php and clicked "Add to emule" link. It updated server list in emule and connected to eDonkey network.
Also there are some: http://www.server-met.de/

One can also go to eMule settings/Servers/Lists... and add:

One may also add nodes.dat file from http://www.nodes-dat.com/ to (in my case) C:\Program Files\eMule\config\

You may FAIL to find any files using built in Search function in eMule. No results. How to fix? Make sure you are connected, wait a minute, try to search common phrasse like: video. You can also search method. As a method use "Global (Servers)" if other do not work.

On the "Servers" tab find tab "Log" and make sure all is in order. If not, google error messages.