What does it mean when i receive notification during SSL setup: "Your order states it is being flagged for quality"

Here is the explanation what that mean:

"RapidSSL automatically flags certain orders for a quality review before issuance."
"Flagged orders will be manually reviewed by an analyst before issuance. Typically, flagged orders are cleared within 1 business day (excluding weekends)." Source here

From this i assume that when CSR was generated, i entered some data that RapidSSL system thinks can be fake. Or there is a typo in data i entered, right?

When tried second time, i received another low informative error: "One or more resource control violations was found when doing security checks."
What are these security checks and what is resource control violation?
I contacted my certifficate issuer (GEOTrust/RapidSSL) and the told e that .pw domains can not receive certificates at that moment.