what are easiest or working ways to fix bad subtitle characters in Linux video player?

Issue: For example i am having .srt files that seems to be in CP1250 codepage and contains ěščřž kind of diacritics characters which appears badly in Linux video player.

What helped me was to go to main menu where is the list of Linux applications, click my video player mouse right click, select Properties, then on other tab i found path:

mpv --player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui -- %U
I turned it into:
mpv --sub-codepage=windows-1250 --player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui -- %U

If you are using mplayer, the parameter may be: --subcp cp1250

Note that you should replace windows-1250 or cp1250 by appropriate codepage in which are your language characters usually. To find out, google: yourlanguage codepages
Then you can read your video player manual and try to find these codepage names in it if it is supported: man playername